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As tickets go on sale for Musicport 2011 – the 12th festival, the 4th year at Bridlington and aiming to be the biggest yet - we’ll blog our way through the Musicport year, bringing you news of bookings, ideas and developments as the line-up takes shape, and a glimpse of the lives and minds of the Musicport staff and crew. We’ll be looking for thoughts and comments from you too – please join in, wherever you are!

You may have noticed that this blog was rather neglected during last year's festival. This was because we took it upon ourselves to 'live tweet' the event. Follow us @musicportfest or on #musicport you can also find us on facebook

Friday, 2 July 2010

Starting to think about Musicport again

Getting excited!

We've already had some of the small fliers for this years event which we are giving out left right and centre in the cafe. We're really looking forward to being associated with the festival again in a small way this year.

Seasalt & Passion is just on West Street, one street back from the Spa - about a minute's walk, that's all. Last year we held a cookery demonstration by Jean Binta Breeze, (above) which was wonderful! The cafe was packed, and everyone who attended had a great time. Hopefully this year Jim will let us host another workshop or demonstration.

Apart from this we are currently looking at menus for the Musicport weekend. Last year we had only been open a few weeks and already had tickets for the event, so the cafe was shut. This year though we want to stay open through Saturday and Sunday daytime to cater for all the Musicport lovelies coming into Brid. We're looking at things like currries, casseroles, falafal & fritters in pittas, tabuleh, salad boxes - that sort of thing, which can easily be taken out and eaten on the way back to the Spa (although you can always eat in the cafe too!)

Musicport brings a MASSIVE buzz to sleepy Bridlington, myself, family, friends and aquaintences all start talking about it really early and get more geed up as the weeks go by. I am really REALLY excited that Norma Waterson is making an appearence this year. The Waterson Family are my heros - some of the artists who very very influential in getting me passionate about Traditional music back in the 80s.

Also looking forward to Hut People again (Hope they are on in the evening!) who were SO fantastic last year. Also Imagined Village - WOW. Roll on October!

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