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Monday, 1 March 2010

music & politics

The young David Cameron apparently bounced around his dorm to Eton Rifles, and a long row broke out over his boyhood love of The Jam culminating in Weller asking "It's like, which bit didn't he get?”. Cameron’s colleague Nicolas Soames professed an admiration for Dido (although he might have been referring to the character in Purcell’s opera ) Andy Burnham erstwhile Culture secretary (by the way who’s got that job now?) is a big fan of The Wedding Present….Does this help us judge them as people we’d like to represent us in parliament ? I have to say I doubt it . All those musicians who openly supported Thatcher (Joan Armatrading , Sir Cliff, Gerry Halliwell, Phil Collins, Tony Hadley, Eric Clapton…….) & Blair ( Damon Albarn, Noel Gallagher Mick Hucknall …) & the Lib Dems (Eno & Fran Healey ..) do they really believe it did them or the country any good ? I think music if it has a part to play in the political life of the country is much better fighting against something e.g Rock Against Racism , Folk Against Fascism or by using political lyrics to make points (Joe Strummer, Billy Bragg, Leon Rosselson, Chumbawamba etc ). Free Nelson Mandela, Ghost Town , Strange Fruit, Stand Down Margaret, A Change Is Gonna Come, Masters Of War, Now That The Buffalo’s Gone still resonate today . Tony Benn is perhaps the only politician who has been able through his work with singer/songwriter Roy Bailey to really bridge that divide between real politics and music and should be treasured for that even if you don’t agree with his political views. Music is an honest expression of people feelings. Politics tends towards expressing what it thinks people want to hear . Allying oneself as a musician to a political party or a political leader is likely to end up with you being sullied by their inevitable failures and inability to speak honestly. Lets hope the celebrity element is taken out of the forthcoming election

Jim McLaughlin ( as printed in The Link magazine)

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