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As tickets go on sale for Musicport 2011 – the 12th festival, the 4th year at Bridlington and aiming to be the biggest yet - we’ll blog our way through the Musicport year, bringing you news of bookings, ideas and developments as the line-up takes shape, and a glimpse of the lives and minds of the Musicport staff and crew. We’ll be looking for thoughts and comments from you too – please join in, wherever you are!

You may have noticed that this blog was rather neglected during last year's festival. This was because we took it upon ourselves to 'live tweet' the event. Follow us @musicportfest or on #musicport you can also find us on facebook

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

2 Days and I'll be in Brid!

Nine years ago, about this time to the day in fact, I was asked to help out at a music festival that was happening at the Spa in Whitby. I was 16. I think the technical term for my role was dogsbody.

Nine years later and I'm one of the stage managers and Musicport is a date on my calendar that I'd hate to miss. I rarely get a chance to see an artist's entire set - I catch moments here and there - but I love that a single day can can take you on a whirlwind tour or worldwide musical genres and leave you falling asleep, sat on a massive speaker, with the sound guys pointing and laughing. I think it's safe to say that Musicport is a hidden gem. If you don't believe me or think I'm biased, come along and see for yourself

See you all soon and Enjoy the festival!

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Mr.Kleeg said...

Yeah, we're really looking forward to it. Coming up tomorrow, staying for the whole thing. Interested to see what changes you've made, as last year was a bit tricky with the short changeover time (picking up where the Antiques Roadshow left off as I recall)
One thing that would be really handy (and I'm not whining/complaining honest) would be if the lineup was a bit more easily accessible. Maybe on the front page of the website? Instead of via a link to a newsletter that for some reason WON'T PRINT OUT SUNDAY's ARTISTES on my PC. I'd like to plan (to a certain extent) who I see when. Also there is no sign of Jim Eldon.Is he going to be there? There were rumours that Andy Kershaw was going to be there too? Is any of that trues?