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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Goodbye, Hello and Thanks

So first of all a big thank you to all the organisers and artistes for a wonderful Musicport festival. We had a great time and intend telling as many people as poss. to come next year.

It's probably unfair to mention highlights and lowlights, but I will anyway....

The highlights for us were:

  • Toumani Diabate - and his very distinguished band.
  • Baluji Shrivastav
  • Etran Finatawa & the Bridlington schoolkids - was this one of the sessions recorded for R3?
  • Bob Brozman
  • Young Coppers
  • Mitch Benn - an inspired booking, so good we went to see him twice
  • The Kathakali Theatre company
Special mentions have to go to:
  • Jim Eldon. Especially for a couple of his tracks - I will Survive (the Vampire version) and There's a Puffin in my Pint. It's a true story y'know. Oh yes, he had a real live pirate playing in the band with him
  • Also the Alleycats were great.Sadly their Myspace page is virtually unreadable due to mad flashing images. But that Polly will go a long way.
  • Laye Sow - not just another great Senegalese musician, not just Baaba Maal's cousin but someone who won the audience over from the very first song. And what a shame they weren't allowed to do an encore (yes, I know time is tight but sometimes if you want to get a good vibe going you do have to make exceptions. difficult if you are into control I guess)
  • Ivo Paposov - a pretty bad tempered set from him. A lot of the sound problems were imaginary I think.....but I wouldn't want him at any wedding of family and friends I was involved with unless it was the sort of event that was going to end up with a fight in the carpark. Thanks but no thanks Ivo.
  • There does seem to be a problem with the acoustics in the Main Hall at the Spa. We stayed with friends who tell us that this affects other people too. Bass got distorted, artistes can't hear the sound coming back from their speakers. This did seem to affect a few bands, and was certainly noticeable from the floor, but hopefully the sound crew can fix this next time...there will be a next time won't there?
  • Generally the logistics were good. Somewhere to store coats (called by many people a cloakroom) would have been really good. And what were all those stewards doing? but they were pretty helpful.
  • The food was not that special. I suspect the Spa management weren't too keen to have other people selling food and it does pose certain problems for an indoor venue. Maybe you could persuade some celebrity chefs to take over in the kitchen next time?
  • The Spa is an OK building - but it's a bit municipal. It would have been great if the lovely flags wafting about outside could somehow have been replicated somehow inside.
There is precious little of this kind of music this far up North so this festival is much appreciated.

And thanks again for all the hard work that went into this.


Jim said...

Thanks for all that- your comments have been noted! We were aware of the all those issues before the festival - Re the decor would have been much more if we had got access to the venue on Thursday as originally we were led to believe we could but The antiques Roadshow took precedent unfortunately.

Ian said...

By and large a success with some fabulous music and great performances, but i concur that the sound in the main hall was dire at times, don't know if it was the acoustics or the balance, but it spoiled a number of acts for me, especially Toumani Diabate who managed to get a spell-binding sound in a tent at WOMAD! Amazed that a 20 million refit didn't result in better acoustics!